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i'm tyler. 20 trips around the sun and counting. i keep a watch on human affairs from a safe orbit.
i enjoy making music, dry humor, philosophy, and watching wacky shit.

"As Robert Oppenheimer said a short while before he died, ‘It is perfectly obvious that the whole world is going to hell. The only possible chance that it might not is that we do not attempt to prevent it from doing so.’ You see, many of the troubles going on in the world right now are being supervised by people with very good intentions whose attempts are to keep things in order, to clean things up, to forbid this, and to prevent that. The more we try to put everything to rights, the more we make fantastic messes. Maybe that is the way it has got to be. Maybe I should not say anything at all about the folly of trying to put things to right but simply, on the principle of Blake, let the fool persist in his folly so that he will become wise."

— Alan Watts

Sep 18 2014 • 1 note

"You, as an artist, will unfold the infinite mystery of life and share it with the world. It may just be two people your work will communicate to. Don’t be upset. Be upset if you are not happy with your work. Never be upset about how many people have seen it, or how many reviews it has received. Your work will exist and keep influencing the world. Moreover, your work will keep changing the very configuration of our world no matter what kind of attention it gets or doesn’t get. So even when you are an unknown artist, be caring of what you make and what you give out."

— Yoko Ono- Letters to a Young Artist (via oyclu)

Sep 17 2014 • 2,147 notes

They say when the student is ready the teacher arrives, but mine may have took a wrong turn or something.  In dire need of sagely advice.

Sep 17 2014 • 1 note